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5 minutes at the Aral Sea | Kirsty Larmour

Kirsty Larmour Aral Sea_Uzbekistan_01Kirsty Larmour Aral Sea_Uzbekistan_02Kirsty Larmour Aral Sea_Uzbekistan_03Kirsty Larmour Aral Sea_Uzbekistan_04Kirsty Larmour Aral Sea_Uzbekistan_05Kirsty Larmour Aral Sea_Uzbekistan_06

Kirsty Larmour – Letters from the Larmours

The Aral Sea is one of the greatest 21st Century environmental disasters. As a former environmental consultant visiting it felt rather like visiting the site of a battle would be for a historian. It felt weird, it felt sad, but it felt like something we have to learn from. We visited in both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, but these pictures are from 5 minutes at the latter. You can see where the shore used to be, where the triangular monument is on the high bank behind the ships. These abandoned ships were a poignant lesson for me, but 5 minutes of a great adventure playground for my kids!



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