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5 Minutes at the Adventure Park

At his very first school in Kindergarten, they had a woodshop where kids would be able to create. Once we moved to a public school, he didn’t quite have anything similar until I found this adventure park in the bay area. We have been going out there over the years and I love that he has an opportunity to build something with his own two hands. Nothing is off limits and you can build over existing structures using wood and the available tools. In our time there, he blocked off access to one of the entrances and found an old fabric seat to put up as a curtain. These 5 minutes brought to you by Storyboxart based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


5 Minutes with the Ewerts | Dana Pugh

Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh)

Dana Pugh

I had the extreme pleasure of staying with the wonderful Ewert family this past week when I was in their area to give a presentation. They took me up and down their driveway once. These are the photographs we took very quickly while I was there. I wanted to share them here because we are both part of the project 😉 I also just wanted to quickly say that I know neither boy was wearing a helmet. When I tell you that it was a snails pace. You will have to believe me. They were never in any danger. The last photograph is the loving mama being the brake for the crazy one of the two on bikes 😉

Thank you Kyla for letting me stay. Thank you for being a part of the project. Thank you for all of your love and support. I am grateful for your friendship.